Upgrade your posters into stunning displays of self expression with our professional poster framing services at Dimonds Gallery. Trust our skilled team to preserve and enhance your posters with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship.

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Frame your favorite posters for lasting memories

Ditch the Blu tack for good and elevate your posters with professional framing that preserves and displays your cherished memories. Framing not only protects your posters from damage but also transforms them into stunning displays suitable for homes, offices, and entertainment spaces. Discover the value of poster framing and how it enhances the beauty and longevity of your favourite pieces.

Masterful framing for your cherished posters

At Dimonds Gallery, Tony, our Master Framer, brings decades of experience and meticulous attention to detail to each poster framing project. His expert craftsmanship ensures that every frame is hand-crafted to perfection, enhancing the beauty and protection of your posters. Trust in Tony's skills and our commitment to quality to preserve your cherished posters with professional care and precision.

Quality materials used and why

Dimonds Gallery uses only the highest quality materials to ensure your posters are preserved for generations. We utilise UV Protected Archival Glazing from Tru Vue, which shields your posters from harmful light and prevents fading. These premium materials are chosen for their durability and protective qualities, guaranteeing long-term preservation. Trust in our commitment to quality to provide superior framing solutions for your cherished posters.

Don't settle for poor quality framing

Poor-quality framing can cause significant damage to your posters. Low-quality materials can lead to chemical reactions, resulting in discolouration and fading. Frames with rough edges may physically damage your posters, while inadequate protection against moisture and UV light can cause warping and fading. Improper mounting can also lead to misalignment and damage. Choose Dimonds Gallery for professional framing to protect and preserve your cherished posters.

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Ready to give your posters the professional treatment they deserve? Contact Dimonds Gallery today for expert poster framing services. Our personalised approach ensures each project receives the utmost care and attention. Reach out now to discuss your poster framing needs and experience the exceptional quality and craftsmanship that sets us apart. Let us help you transform and preserve your cherished posters.

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