Discover the wide range of professional framing services offered by Dimonds Gallery. From custom framing to memorabilia preservation, we provide high-quality solutions to showcase and protect your treasured items.

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Custom framing for anything

Custom framing is essential for enhancing and preserving a variety of items, including artwork, photographs, and textiles. This versatile service ensures your unique pieces are protected and beautifully displayed, tailored to your specific needs. By choosing custom framing, you can highlight the beauty and significance of your cherished items. Dimonds Gallery’s expertise in custom framing showcases our commitment to quality and personalised service.

Quality picture framing by a master framer

Dimonds Gallery offers comprehensive picture framing services, perfect for photos, paintings, and prints. Professional picture framing not only preserves your valuable pieces but also enhances their display, making them stand out. Our meticulous approach ensures each picture is framed with the highest quality materials and care. Trust Dimonds Gallery to provide exceptional picture framing services that protect and beautifully showcase your treasured images.

Our services


Explore our custom framing services at Dimonds Gallery, designed to enhance and preserve a variety of items including artwork, photographs, and textiles. Our personalised approach ensures each piece is beautifully displayed and protected.


Dimonds Gallery offers professional picture framing services, perfect for photos, paintings, and prints. Trust our expert team to preserve your valuable pieces and enhance their display with high-quality materials and meticulous care.


Transform your rolled-up art into stunning wall displays with our canvas framing services. We ensure your artwork is properly stretched and framed, preserving its beauty and integrity for years to come.


Preserve and showcase your cherished photos with Dimonds Gallery’s expert photo framing services. Our professional framing techniques enhance the visual appeal and longevity of your treasured images.


Dimonds Gallery provides exceptional poster framing services, turning your posters into beautiful wall art. Our high-quality framing solutions protect and enhance your posters, making them a focal point in any space.


Highlight your achievements with our certificate framing services. Dimonds Gallery ensures your important documents are preserved and displayed with the highest quality materials and expert craftsmanship.


Enhance your mirrors with custom framing from Dimonds Gallery. Our framing services add a touch of elegance and sophistication, transforming your mirrors into stunning decorative pieces.

Shadow box

Dimonds Gallery offers specialised shadow box framing for three-dimensional items. Preserve and display your memorabilia, collectibles, and keepsakes in beautifully crafted shadow boxes.

Canvas stretching

Properly stretched canvases are essential for beautiful wall displays. Dimonds Gallery provides expert canvas stretching services, ensuring your artwork remains in perfect condition and ready to be admired.


Preserve your treasured memorabilia with our professional framing services. Dimonds Gallery specialises in framing a variety of memorabilia, ensuring they are protected and beautifully showcased.

Sports memorabilia

Showcase your sports memorabilia with Dimonds Gallery’s expert framing services. From jerseys to signed balls, we preserve and display your sports collectibles with care and precision.


Dimonds Gallery offers professional jersey framing services, perfect for preserving and displaying your cherished sports jerseys. Trust our team to provide high-quality framing that highlights your prized possessions.


Honor your achievements with our medal framing services at Dimonds Gallery. We ensure your medals are preserved and beautifully displayed, making them a lasting tribute to your accomplishments.


Dimonds Gallery provides expert fabric framing services, ideal for preserving and displaying textiles such as silk scarves and needlework. Our high-quality framing protects and showcases your precious fabrics.


Elevate your office decor with Dimonds Gallery’s corporate framing services. We provide professional framing solutions that enhance your business environment and create a polished, professional look.


Dimonds Gallery offers wholesale framing services for retail shops and businesses. Our high-quality, stylish frames enhance your stock and appeal to your customers, ensuring a professional and attractive display.

Canvas framing and stretching

Canvas framing and stretching transform rolled-up art into stunning wall displays. This process ensures that your artwork is properly stretched and framed, preserving its beauty and integrity. By choosing canvas framing and stretching services, you can enhance the visual appeal of your art and protect it for years to come. Trust Dimonds Gallery's expertise to turn your canvas into a beautiful display piece.

Custom framing for objects and memorabilia

Dimonds Gallery offers specialised services for framing memorabilia and sports memorabilia, including jerseys, medals, and other collectibles. Professionally preserving these items ensures they are protected and displayed beautifully. Our expert framing techniques highlight the significance of your cherished memorabilia. Choose Dimonds Gallery to frame your valuable collectibles, showcasing our expertise and commitment to quality.

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You won’t believe some of the things we’ve framed!

21st Keys
Action Figures
Baby Booties
Baseball Bats
Beer Bottles
Child’s First Drawings
Collectors Cards
Comic Books
Concert Stubs
Cricket Balls
Cricket Bats
Fishing Lures
Match Boxes
Military Medals
Sea Horses
Shopping Bags
Sporting Equipment
Tea Towels
Teddy Bears
Tennis Balls
Tennis Rackets
Turtle Shell
Walking Sticks
Wedding Dresses
Wine Bottles

Corporate and wholesale framing

Dimonds Gallery provides exceptional corporate and wholesale framing services, perfect for office decor and retail spaces. Professional framing creates a polished and professional environment, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any business setting. Our comprehensive services cater to the unique needs of businesses, ensuring that your space looks modern and sophisticated. Choose Dimonds Gallery for all your corporate and wholesale framing needs, and experience the difference quality framing can make.

Quality materials and expert craftsmanship

At Dimonds Gallery, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality materials and employing expert framers. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your items are preserved and showcased with the utmost care and precision. By choosing Dimonds Gallery, you can trust in the long-term value and durability of our framing services. Our dedication to quality and craftsmanship sets us apart, making us the ideal choice for all your framing needs.

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